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Bone Grafting

Illustrated diagram showing the steps of applying a bone graft before installing a dental implantsDental implants have revolutionized the way we restore missing teeth. That said, many patients in need of implant treatment often require preliminary procedures as well, like bone grafting.

Simply put, bone grafting is used to help patients qualify for implant treatment and restore the bone in their jaw. This, in turn, helps you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile!

When Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

To determine when a bone graft is necessary, we must first explain why it is necessary. And that begins with dental implants.

An implant is a small titanium post that is positioned underneath the gum tissue and into the jawbone. Once in place, the implant post mimics the function of a tooth root and can be used to support a wide variety of restorations.

The strength and support of a dental implant is thanks to a process known as osseointegration. During osseointegration, the implant post and your jaw will fuse together to form a powerful bond.

Osseointegration will only take place with bone that is healthy enough to support an implant. If your bone is too thin or too soft, osseointegration may not occur, which results in implant failure.

We can perform a bone graft to improve the quality and quantity of your jawbone, ensuring the success of your implant. If successful, the graft will foster the growth of new, healthy bone that strengthens the structure of your jaw.

A bone graft may be the only way to help certain patients qualify for implant treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Gupta will perform a comprehensive exam to determine if a bone graft is necessary.

Bone Grafting Procedures

There are several types of bone grafting procedures, but each one follows the same basic steps. During your grafting procedure, Dr. Gupta will make a small incision in the gum tissue to expose the underlying bone. Next, she place the grafting material over the section of your bone in need of restoration. Once the graft material is in place, we will suture any incisions.

Over the next several months, the grafting material will absorb into your jaw to create newer, healthier bone. By the end of this process, your jawbone should be strong enough to support a dental implant. We have to wait until the process is complete to proceed with implant treatment.

Specific bone grafting procedures include:

Socket Preservation: This procedure is performed immediately after a tooth extraction, which prevents deterioration and expedites the implant process.

Ridge Expansion: This procedure helps widen the upper jaw to support implants. During this procedure, we divide the bone and place the graft material in the divided area, which creates a alveolar ridge wide enough for implants.

Sinus Lift: The upper posterior (back) jaw has very little naturally-occurring bone. A sinus lift helps us restore missing teeth in this area of the mouth. During the procedure, we gently “lift” up your sinus membrane to create more space for the graft material.

Bone Grafting Materials

These days, we can source bone grafting materials in several different ways. Types of grafting materials include:

Autograft: Bone sourced from another bone-rich area of your body
Allograft: Bone sourced from another human donor
Xenograft: Bone sourced from a species other than human, usually a cow
Alloplastic Graft: Synthetic graft material fabricated in a laboratory

The type of grafting material you will receive is largely dependent on your unique circumstances and preferences.

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If you are interested in dental implant treatment, you, too, may need to undergo a bone graft. This is a necessary step towards a healthier, more beautiful smile. Call (551) 751-2024 to schedule your consultation appointment now!

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