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Surgical Treatment Options

Illustrated diagram of before and after bone grafting procedure at Westwood PeriodonticsAt Westwood Periodontics we’ll do everything in our power to mitigate the effects of periodontal (gum) disease, but more advanced cases may require surgical intervention. The two most common surgical procedures are:

Pocket Reduction Surgery

This surgical procedure involves removing or recontouring the damaged bone and gum tissue, allowing for better cleaning of the affected areas and reducing the depth of periodontal pockets. It's a key treatment for advanced gum disease to halt its progression.
Learn more about Pocket reduction surgery here.

Bone Graft Surgery

Bone grafting is essential when periodontal disease leads to bone loss. This procedure involves placing a grafting material to promote bone regeneration, providing support for teeth and potential dental implants. It's crucial for restoring oral health and functionality.
Learn more about Bone Graft Surgery as it relates to gum disease here.

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